Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Baby time

Only three months more to go until Skyler David is Born!

This Saturday, Clint and I decided to go to Baby's R Us and fill are day with doing baby registry. It was actually really fun! It is a little overwhelming because everything is so expensive and you need so much stuff but at the same time it's fun to picture together the colors you want the nursery to be and what bedding set you want. For some reason it makes it all see more real. We decided we liked the safari jungle theme best. :-)
Skyler is already starting to keep me up at night from the kicking. Usually, when I wake up at night I'm half asleep still and can fall back to sleep right away but now I wake up and it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fall back asleep, Skyler is already in control of our life and doesn't even know it yet. I'm defiantly starting to get anxious for him to be here, we are just so excited to become parents!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Wedding

The Thomas Family
Est. Sept. 6th, 2007
in Payson, Utah

Engagement Photos

Clints favorite because quote "I look like a stud".
I didn't put up a fight so this is the one we picked for our invitations.

Kaleys Favorite Picture

Summer 2007

That evening in Cedar City, the same day Clint Proposed!

Our First date, Chick Fil A and Buzz Baseball game!

Clint and I met in August 2006. He became my best friend. We talked on the phone everyday until I finally moved out to Utah in May. Clint and I started dating and it didn't take long before we knew we were in love. Clint proposed at Thanksgiving Point on June 29th, 2007. At the beginging of the week Clint and I went to the water park with my mom and sisters, Clint asked to talk to my mom alone. I had an idea that he was going to propose soon, expecially after he asked to talk to my mom alone. During that week he was making a bunch of private phone calls, running errands and got my Dad's number out of my phone. That weekend we planned to go to his parents, it was the first time I was meeting his family. So after Clint talked with my mom I sat her down and told her that I thought Clint was going to propose and I wanted to know if thats what he talked to her about. My mom is horrible with keeping secrets , making me pretty confident that she would tell me if he was.planning to. Well more power too her but she told me that he wasn't and I needed to get to know his family better which would have been fine but the secret phone calls and errands didn't stop. I thought he was cheating on me. Clint basically got me as mad as I have ever been before he proposed, so I wouldn't catch on that he was proposing. That weekend I still planned to go to his parents with him, I was nerves as heck. Clint walks into my apartment and I'm in the middle of doing my hair with no make-up on yet. I walks to my room, zips up my suitcase and asks if I'm ready. He continued make comments and just purposely push my buttons. My mom called and said my brother Collin was still in town, she wanted me to meet her for lunch before we went to Cedar for the weekend so I could see Collin one more time. My mom said she wanted to go to the Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake but I told her that she could come down to Provo, and eat at the Spaghetti Factory here. Well that got her stuck so she lets me go and calls Clint, they decided to tell me the Spaghetti Factory in Provo is closed so we are just going to meet at Thanksgiving Point and get something to eat there. I told my mom to leave once we did so that we would get there at the same time. I called her when we were about half way there and I heard her get out of the car, realizing she hadn't left yet I told Clint to turn around, he wouldn't of course because he knew she was never planning on meeting us. I was really mad at that point. We pull into Thanksgiving Point gardens, Clint asked me to walk around the garden with him while we wait on my mom. I wouldn't get out of the car for the first five minutes. Finally, we started walking around the gardens, I found this really nice shaded spot and sat down on a bench, which was perfect since I had spent the first part of the trail complaining on how hot it was. Clint asked me to get up and go around the other side with him he had something he wanted me to see. Well I replied, when have you been here before." Clint's comment "I came here on a date freshman year." That made me in a lot better of a mood. haha. So I got up and walked around the corner, it was a beautiful waterfall. He pointed to a bench and asked me to sit down, everything made sense at this point, and I was nerves, excited and so happy all at the same time, so I stalled saying "If you sit down, I'll sit down, I'm not sitting down unless you sit down." So he did and than smooth went from the bench unto his knew saying, how much he loved me and if I knew that, and pulled out the engagement ring I had dreamed about having since the day Neal bought it on one of Gmco's shows. I said YES of course, we left the gardens, and went to Sonic for lunch, haha, then went to his parents for the weekend. His family was perfect, exactly what I would want my in laws to be like. We were a perfect fit.