Monday, April 19, 2010

Skyler's 2nd Birthday Party

Skyler's hopes you can" race" on over to his 2nd Birthday Party
...Yes I know its corny but I have been dying to use it :-D
Saturday April 24th from 2-4
at 327 w 300 n
If the weather stays amazing we will be going to the park that is two blocks North.
We will post a sign with the address on our door.
We will be having cake, snacks ,and doing fun games.
Presents are not necessary but if you want to bring something bring a hot wheel car.
Comment if you will be able to make it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday Clint took me to my first Jazz game! Sam watched Skyler so it was an official date with my man. It was so fun! We had such a blast. We were center court row 13... AMAZING SEATS! I wish the Jazz had won of course. Jazz 86 Suns 100. It wasn't a close game where you are hanging on to the edge of your seats but maybe next time. Here are the photos of the night. I am excited to scrapbook them.