Monday, February 7, 2011

frame of love

Black & Pink. Black & Pink.
I really think they should make a song with those as the lyrics.
What two colors are cuter black & pink?
The answer is there isn't ;)
Lets break down why I heart this frame so much:
1. Do it in any number of colors and it works for any holiday
2. I can put this frame in our future daughter's black & pink room
3. I heart Valentine's Day decor
4. I also heart rolled flowers

Start with making 3 rolled flowers with satin material.
I used the satin liner.
$3.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby. I bough 1/4 a yard but only used half of that.

I bought an unfinished 5X7 wood frame from Hobby Lobby;
spray painted it black and then distressed it.

Cut pink paper at 5X7
pink paper by my minds eye
Took a ribbon and put it across the paper and just used tape to hold it on the back.
My ribbon was black satin with a ruffled edge.
Hot Glued the rolled flowers right on top of the ribbon.
Put it inside the frame
Hung it on the wall and thought about how cute it would be in a little gals room.
Or of course in addition to the "House of Pink"!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oreo Truffle Pops

Since we have already acknowledge I am pretty much obsessed with Valentine's Day here is another sweet to add to it

1 pkg Oreo's Crushed
I just used the Target store brand
Yes the whole pkg crushed (including the frosting)
1 pkg Cream Cheese
1 pkg Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark
Lollipop Sticks

Get everything you need ready
Cookie sheet with foil
Crushed Oreo's
Room temperature Cream Cheese
or just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until smooth, mixing in-between.

Mix together cream cheese and crushed Oreo's

Take around 3 tablespoons of the oreo cream cheese mixture
pat around a lollipop stick until it is a circle
Do this until you have no more oreo cream cheese mixture left
setting each one on the cookie sheet covered in foil
Put into the freezer

Melt half of the chocolate bark on your stove top
Stir when needed
Make sure and watch it closely
The chocolate burns easily
Don't put temp higher than medium high

Take the oreo lollipops out of the freezer
Dip in the chocolate bark
Twirl a couple times
Set back down on cookie sheet
Continue until you run low on chocolate bark
Then melt other half of the bark
Finish until all the lollipops are covered in chocolate bark
Set in the Freezer until the bark is completely hardened around the oreo mixture

Your done!

I felt like mine needed a little something extra since I am bringing them to a Valentines Party
So I went ahead and tied a brown and pink ribbon into a knot around each lollipop

Now you're really are finished
P.S. Try not to eat them all until you get them to the party ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hostess Gift

Saturday we will be attending a Valentine's Party. I really wanted to bring the hostess a "hostess gift." So for the last week I have been racking my brain on what the heck to bring! What do you bring for hostess gifts? I usually don't give hostess gifts. I always bring a treat or a side to help with the party but not a specific little something for the host. At last, I googled! So if anyone comes across the predicament I have been in you can just click on this post!

This hot pad looks like an emormous rolled flower! I really like rolled flowers.
To check out a full tutorial head over to Clumsy Crafts.

DIY Coasters from Hostess with the mostest!

Scalloped Half Apron! I need one of these.
Warehouse fabrics has a great tutorial!

A beautiful wreath made by me and you can make one too.
Go here for my tutorial.
Works great if your going to any type of holiday party as well!

I made this last year. Still use it all the time.. and love it.
I found the tutorial over at somewhat simple.

So here is what has been going through my head:
1. I love my Conversation Tree but don't think it totally goes for a hostess gift.
2. My sewing machine is currently out of use. Can't do anything that involves sewing or I would totally be making the scalloped half apron.
3. For the Christmas party I brought a rolled flower wreath for the dirty Santa Gift Exchange.
4. I want to do something NEW.

So what the heck am I going to do?

You will have to wait until next week... muahahaha.
I know you can barely stand it but to make it worth while I will post a tutorial with it :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sweet things

Yet another Valentines Day round up
of my house
my house of Pink
yes hubs is excited for Valentines Day to come and be gone
you can blame it on me if you turn your casa into a house of pink as well

I made me a cupcake liner pom pom. Isn't it darling?

sewing pins
cupcake liners
hot glue
Styrofoam ball
candle stick holder

Take 2 cupcake liners and push a pin through the middle
scrunch the liners up
hot glue the bottom
put on Styrofoam ball
open liners back up and make sure the pin is all the way pushed in into the ball
cover the ball
I didn't cover the bottom of my ball and instead put it on a candle stick holder
(found at Micheal's for $5 and used a 40% on it)
I do think it would be so cute to cover the ball completely
here are two other idea's I had where you could do that:
1. put several in a basket
2. put on a string and have them as a banner

Last year I posted about the heart shaped cinnamon rolls. I wanted to link it about again so my new followers could make them too. I will be making them again. They were seriously so cute that I almost didn't eat them. almost.

I made this frame over Christmas. Two of them actually. One for me and one for my friends as a Christmas gift. I really love it so I figured I would throw it in with my Valentines crafts. It is a pretty thing. Shanty 2 Chic has a tutorial for it.

Cupcakes. I know. I make a ton of sweets for Valentines
box of marble cake mix
chocolate fudge frosting
chocolate almond bark
wax paper

For the hearts on the cupcakes
melt the bark in the microwave
put it in a heavy duty zip lock bag
cut a a whole at the tip of the bag
make the hearts on wax paper

Wood. Paint. Distress. Hey Cupcake Vinyl.

Bye Cupcakes.