Monday, February 23, 2009

Lynlee's Wedding

Lynlee Neilson & Rhett Briggs Sealing at the Rexburg, ID Temple

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be Mine

On Valentines day this year I could not help but feel so blessed. I have the most amazing two boys in my life that mean the world to be. I know they love me and I love them! Words could not explain how amazing it is to wake up every morning next to the one you love. Then walk into your baby's room to get him out of bed and have him give you the biggest smile. On Valentines I woke up and made Clint and Skyler biscuits & gravy with Eggs and bacon. I decorated the table with some hearts from my new stampin' up punch. Then I went to get Skyler out of bed. I turned a love playlist and it slowly woke Clint up. We all had breakfast together. Then I went to dress Skyler before we took him to Grandma's for the day. Skyler then decided to have his first full fledged temper tanrum! I had my camera right next to me so I took some pictures with his alligator tears. Clint and I took Skyler to Grandma's and then went and had couples massages. They were so nice and relaxing. We went home and got ready drove to Cheesecake factory and put are names in went and watched a movie. The wait was 3 hours so we had enough time to go to the movies and then come back and we sat right down. It worked out perfect but it was a little stressful because the wait was so long everywhere! Clint didn't want to wait a long time but we had dressed up so nice that I wanted to go to a nice resturant. Luckly it really did end up perfect.

I love you Clint and Skyler!!! Clint is the most patient person I know. I think I love that most about him. Skyler bring joy to everyone he is around and what a blessing that is! Here are some pictures from Valentines!

Skylers temper tantruim!

Clint relaxing before we got couples massages
Cheesecake factory!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day at the Park

We had a pretty warm day this week and live really close to a park. Kaley decided to take advantage of it and take Skyler on a walk to the park and of course do a little photo shoot. How can you resist when he is just so dang cute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Swimming experience

Skyler was adorable when we took him swimming for the first 30 minutes he was scared out of him mind. He just held on to my bathing suit. He didn't cry but was just really careful. Kinda reminds me of his dad! Sky eventually loosened up and loved it! He was still very past due for his nap but that made for a very cuddly boy so of course I didn't totally mind that! :-) We went with Chelsey and her family to the Lehi Recreational Pool!

My middle name is trouble...


The next two pictures gross me out! haha! I took the pictures as fast as I could before he put the trash in his mouth!!! This is the defination of a trouble maker!!!

Now I may be wrong but I don't think that is the way you are supposed to be on those things... that is when we realized Sky was too big for them! His face is priceless... "what mom, I am just having a little fun"

Skyler is defiantly trouble now... he crawls everywhere, eats everything, climbs on everything, tears apart anything, and gets into everything! He has such a personality now! We love every second of it but beware don't take your eyes off of him for second!

Projects Amore

Here is why i haven't been blogging...

The following are all of my recent scrapbooking pages!
and yes I am aware that none of them have pictures on them yet... I will get to that soon! :-)

Vinyl above my bed

Now you know!