Monday, May 18, 2009

Skyler's Birthday Fun!

You know you have been busy when...

1. You don't blog or even scrapbook for over a month and have taken tons of pictures!!!
2. You buy a car!
3. Have your babies boys first Birthday and of course go way over board!
4. Our in driving class and will be a licensed driver on Wednesday! (wish me luck on my final test tonight!)
5. Celebrate Mother's Day
6. Celebrate Daddy's Birthday!
7. Hike The Y!
8. Hubby gets called as the North Elders Quorum President!
9. Skyler is officially stands on his own!!!
10. Forget to even add Easter on your top ten!

Well here is my update! I am sorry it has been so long!
Lets start with #2: We bought our First car! It's a Mazda Tribute!!! We are so excited, First cause we have a second car and second cause it's a big expense and milestone that we did together!
#3. We had Skyler's Birthday at my moms clubhouse in Saratoga Springs, It was really stressful getting everything ready! I think one because of communication between my mom and us. But we had it (changed the time two days before) but still we had it and it went great and was a lot of fun! I can't believe Skyler is ONE!
#6. I had a surprise party for Clint on Friday! I think he knew because he didn't act very surprise but he denies it! It was a lot of fun! Carmen, Ryan, Jamie, Squire, and Taylor all came to celebrate with us! Thanks so much for coming y'all!!!
#4. YES, I still haven't got my license we even already bought a second car. In Utah you have to go to drivers ed and its like $300! But I take my final driving test today then have my final behind the wheel tomorrow. As long as I pass my test today I will be a license driver on WEDNESDAY MORNING!!! WHOO HOO!
#5. For mothers day Clint made me chicken Marsala & garlic mashed potatoes! It was so yummy!!! What a sweet husband! My mom and my sisters came over to eat with us! Thanks babe for making treating me like your princess for mothers day!
#7. We hiked the Y for the first time! It was so fun! We left at about 7pm so we were able to look over provo for about 20 minutes then we were able to see the sunset. We sat up at the Y for about 15 minutes until the sun set almost all the way. Then we hiked back down. It takes about 1 hour to hike up and 30 minutes to hike down!

I will start posting pictures of all the fun activities we have been doing!!!