Friday, February 4, 2011

Oreo Truffle Pops

Since we have already acknowledge I am pretty much obsessed with Valentine's Day here is another sweet to add to it

1 pkg Oreo's Crushed
I just used the Target store brand
Yes the whole pkg crushed (including the frosting)
1 pkg Cream Cheese
1 pkg Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark
Lollipop Sticks

Get everything you need ready
Cookie sheet with foil
Crushed Oreo's
Room temperature Cream Cheese
or just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until smooth, mixing in-between.

Mix together cream cheese and crushed Oreo's

Take around 3 tablespoons of the oreo cream cheese mixture
pat around a lollipop stick until it is a circle
Do this until you have no more oreo cream cheese mixture left
setting each one on the cookie sheet covered in foil
Put into the freezer

Melt half of the chocolate bark on your stove top
Stir when needed
Make sure and watch it closely
The chocolate burns easily
Don't put temp higher than medium high

Take the oreo lollipops out of the freezer
Dip in the chocolate bark
Twirl a couple times
Set back down on cookie sheet
Continue until you run low on chocolate bark
Then melt other half of the bark
Finish until all the lollipops are covered in chocolate bark
Set in the Freezer until the bark is completely hardened around the oreo mixture

Your done!

I felt like mine needed a little something extra since I am bringing them to a Valentines Party
So I went ahead and tied a brown and pink ribbon into a knot around each lollipop

Now you're really are finished
P.S. Try not to eat them all until you get them to the party ;)


David said...

Looks great. I wish you wee closer so you could make some for me!!!

Paula said...

Just wanted you to know that my sweet day and I made these for her Valentine treats. She is a Junior in HS so she needed the entire batch.
We dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled them with sanding sugar, assorted valentine sprinkles and assorted candies. They were individually wrapped and ribbons tied on and absolutely adorable. These are our go to valentine's from now on! Thank you!!!