Wednesday, January 14, 2009

911 "I think I have an emergency"

Yesterday morning Clint got up for work, I went to give him a kiss goodbye and I noticed that our trash smelt bad and needed to be taken out. I asked him to take it out and then headed to the restroom. Well, he forgot to grab it! When Sky woke up I feed him breakfast and then put him on the ground to give him some crawling time. The trash smelt so bad so I decided to run and throw the trash out. As I am walking back up the stairs and go to open the door It doesn't budge because IT'S LOCKED! WHAT NOW? Clint is in Class, he has a new schedule so i have no clue where. Are phones we getting turned back on today, we forgot to pay the bill. I couldn't call or text him, I had no clue what to do. I walk down the stairs to are neighbors that live below us and knock on the door. In between gasp from holding back my tear I say... I don't know what to do. The wife isn't home so It is just the husband and I think he was sleeping. I go on to say, Skyler is in the apartment unsupervised, crawling around, and I am locked out. For anyone who doesn't know where we live, It is on the top floor of the three story apartment, So breaking a window or crawling through isn't and option. He has me come in, we can hear Sky beating on his drum and cuing and ca'ing upstairs, so that is reassuring. My biggest fear was that he would put something in his mouth and start chocking. We then brainstorm, who should I try and call. I called Chelsey, and said I needed her now. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful friend that all I have to say is I need you now and she is on her way. Then, we call locksmiths to get an estimated price, its $55 which we really don't have the money for right now. We then decided to try 911, we heard that they can unlock doors. I called and they asked if it was an emergency and I was like uh... I think it's kinda an emergency, next time I call I will know to be a little more straight forward because they sent an officer i like a minutes to the apartments. The police officer was great, he couldn't unlock the door but he helped me from not have a nervous breakdown. I kept knocking on the door and talking to Skyler so that he would respond. He was fine, other then fusing here and there, he just played with his toys. The fire department and locksmith where on there way, the officer was going to see if the fire department could climb through the window on there ladder. "Oh what are my neighbors probably thinking of me right now!" I probably said 20 little prayers and so did Chelsey on her way to my apartment. It was 11 am and Clint didn't get out of class until 2. The police officer is waiting downstairs and Chelsey and I are talking to Skyler through the door. The police officer starts talking to someone and I listen. It is Clint! I run down the stairs and give him a huge hug! Clint had no clue what was going on he just had a feeling that he needed to come home before his next class. I wanted to now bare my testimony of the power of the priesthood and what an amazing blessing it is to have it in my home every day. I love my husband so much and am so blessed that he is always in tuned with the spirit to bless and watch over our family!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My blessed, fun, amazing, silly LIFE

Becca and I went shopping at the mall a couple days after Christmas with our Christmas money and decided to spice things up a bit while in the mall! We also took pictures in the photo booth, we had a lot of fun and it was nice to bond with my sister just her and I for a while!

Skyler was laughing at Taylor harder then we have ever heard him laugh so we decided to take advantage of it and take as many pictures as we could!

Dinner Party

Favorite- the paper in the middle is the score, where we won!
Gang Bangers
Chelsey apperantly didn't get the memo where we decided to all just SMILE!

Sunday we had Chelsey, Taylor, Logan, and Chloe and April and Jack come over for a dinner party. I made Caesar Salad, Spinach raveloi with Alfredo Sauce and Brownies for dessert. Oh, and Mac and Cheese for Sky, Logan, and Chloe. After eating we decided to play games while the kids watched a movie in the bedroom. April told us about this game that ended up being really fun.

Each person writes down 5 Nouns.
Each person is on a team with one other person.
Each Noun/saying is on a seperate peice of paper and every fold it and puts there papers in the bowl.
The first round you guess the world by just not saying the noun. You can say anything but the world.
The second round you can only use three words to guess the noun.
The third round you act out the word by pointing, or movements but you can't talk.
Last the fourth round you use one word to describe the noun.
Each round you add up how many point you got by how many you guess.

Here is the pictures from the game! The second game we played the girls WON! In between the two games we also played pictonary ( I got it for Christmas) Chelsey and I love the game and are always on the same team!


If you can't already tell by the pictures, Sky was laughing histaricly at are friends dog Bella and we captured it on Camera! He couldn't get enough of her!

Logan and SKY

Yes It was New Years Eve and Chelsey & I have the same exact PJ's!


For Christmas I got Clint a XBOX 360 and of course MADDEN to play on it! He was so excited! I also made him a ABC scrapbook for his mission with help from Chelsy. It was so nice being back at work and being able to save up and get Clint presents with my money not our money that he makes and gives me! The only down side is being an assistant manager at Famous dearing Christmas time, can you say BUSY! I got a new digital camera that amazing, I can take beautiful pictures with it. It is once grade below a SLR! I also got a Cruicut a necessity for any scrapbooker! I also got a pair of Steve MADDEN boots, we took a picture of Clint playing MADDEN and me with my Steve MADDEN boots! Soon to be SCRAPBOOK PAGE! It really was a perfect Christmas. I made my own 1st Christmas dinner. We got a honey baked ham which was delicious and made green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes (or for all you UT folks, funeral poatoes), rolls, pumkin pie, and a sweet potatoe suffle. It was delicus and a fest! To my family: AND I DIDN"T BURN ANYTHING! :-) Here is the rest of the pictures from Christmas DAY! We went to my Mom's that evening because she was sick and couldn't come over and everyone should open atleast ONE present on Christmas!

I took this picture with my NEW Camera!

And Below is the Christmas "yummy goodness" Dinner!

Madden BOOTS


Christmas Morning

I love living in Utah, we woke up Christmas morning with a white Christmas, It was beautiful! Everyone told us that Sky would like the wrapping paper more then the presents but it wasn't true for him! He just wanted us to get the paper off so he could start playing! For Christmas we spent it with just our little family.

Thanks Grandmother & Granddaddy, I love my CLOTHES!!!
I think you can tell by his face :-)

We always wanted to thank everyone for our Gift, Christmas Cards, Phone Calls, and LOVE! We appreciate and love all of you and thanks for keeping up with our Family Blog!