Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner Party

Favorite- the paper in the middle is the score, where we won!
Gang Bangers
Chelsey apperantly didn't get the memo where we decided to all just SMILE!

Sunday we had Chelsey, Taylor, Logan, and Chloe and April and Jack come over for a dinner party. I made Caesar Salad, Spinach raveloi with Alfredo Sauce and Brownies for dessert. Oh, and Mac and Cheese for Sky, Logan, and Chloe. After eating we decided to play games while the kids watched a movie in the bedroom. April told us about this game that ended up being really fun.

Each person writes down 5 Nouns.
Each person is on a team with one other person.
Each Noun/saying is on a seperate peice of paper and every fold it and puts there papers in the bowl.
The first round you guess the world by just not saying the noun. You can say anything but the world.
The second round you can only use three words to guess the noun.
The third round you act out the word by pointing, or movements but you can't talk.
Last the fourth round you use one word to describe the noun.
Each round you add up how many point you got by how many you guess.

Here is the pictures from the game! The second game we played the girls WON! In between the two games we also played pictonary ( I got it for Christmas) Chelsey and I love the game and are always on the same team!


Kristin & Matt said...

Kaley you are so effing adorable! I misssssssss you!