Monday, January 5, 2009


For Christmas I got Clint a XBOX 360 and of course MADDEN to play on it! He was so excited! I also made him a ABC scrapbook for his mission with help from Chelsy. It was so nice being back at work and being able to save up and get Clint presents with my money not our money that he makes and gives me! The only down side is being an assistant manager at Famous dearing Christmas time, can you say BUSY! I got a new digital camera that amazing, I can take beautiful pictures with it. It is once grade below a SLR! I also got a Cruicut a necessity for any scrapbooker! I also got a pair of Steve MADDEN boots, we took a picture of Clint playing MADDEN and me with my Steve MADDEN boots! Soon to be SCRAPBOOK PAGE! It really was a perfect Christmas. I made my own 1st Christmas dinner. We got a honey baked ham which was delicious and made green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes (or for all you UT folks, funeral poatoes), rolls, pumkin pie, and a sweet potatoe suffle. It was delicus and a fest! To my family: AND I DIDN"T BURN ANYTHING! :-) Here is the rest of the pictures from Christmas DAY! We went to my Mom's that evening because she was sick and couldn't come over and everyone should open atleast ONE present on Christmas!

I took this picture with my NEW Camera!

And Below is the Christmas "yummy goodness" Dinner!

Madden BOOTS