Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sweet things

Yet another Valentines Day round up
of my house
my house of Pink
yes hubs is excited for Valentines Day to come and be gone
you can blame it on me if you turn your casa into a house of pink as well

I made me a cupcake liner pom pom. Isn't it darling?

sewing pins
cupcake liners
hot glue
Styrofoam ball
candle stick holder

Take 2 cupcake liners and push a pin through the middle
scrunch the liners up
hot glue the bottom
put on Styrofoam ball
open liners back up and make sure the pin is all the way pushed in into the ball
cover the ball
I didn't cover the bottom of my ball and instead put it on a candle stick holder
(found at Micheal's for $5 and used a 40% on it)
I do think it would be so cute to cover the ball completely
here are two other idea's I had where you could do that:
1. put several in a basket
2. put on a string and have them as a banner

Last year I posted about the heart shaped cinnamon rolls. I wanted to link it about again so my new followers could make them too. I will be making them again. They were seriously so cute that I almost didn't eat them. almost.

I made this frame over Christmas. Two of them actually. One for me and one for my friends as a Christmas gift. I really love it so I figured I would throw it in with my Valentines crafts. It is a pretty thing. Shanty 2 Chic has a tutorial for it.

Cupcakes. I know. I make a ton of sweets for Valentines
box of marble cake mix
chocolate fudge frosting
chocolate almond bark
wax paper

For the hearts on the cupcakes
melt the bark in the microwave
put it in a heavy duty zip lock bag
cut a a whole at the tip of the bag
make the hearts on wax paper

Wood. Paint. Distress. Hey Cupcake Vinyl.

Bye Cupcakes.


Chels said...

Waaay cute! You are sooo creative!

The Thomas Family said...

Thanks Dear! How have you been?

Keeping Life Fun with one Craft at a Time said...

I love the cupcake topiary. I think I might use that for a Cat in the Hat Bday decoration! I am going to make your valentine cinnamon rolls. Thanks for posting