Sunday, January 23, 2011

House of Pink

Remember these trees I made for Christmas

Well, after seeing all the conversations hearts candy turned into decor..

Picture from Someday Crafts

I decided to put these projects together and make a "conversation heart tree". I seriously LOVE how it turned out.

Styrofoam Cone: Hobby Lobby
Candle stick bottom: Hobby Lobby
Finials: Hobby Lobby
Pink Ribbon
Large package of Conversation Hearts
Hot Glue

hot glue the candle stick bottom to the bottom of the Styrofoam tree
start at the bottom and hot glue the conversation hearts right unto the Styrofoam until you get to the top
there may be a small gap in between the top and where you push in the finial in the top but once you tie the ribbon around it won't show
I wrapped my ribbon around twice before I tied the bow
If you tie your bow backward it will lay perfectly

And now your done!
You have a cute Valentines Tree!
Happy Valentine's Day Dear Friends

Wreath Love with a tutorial

Back in December I made this wreath and loved it...loved it so much that I made another for our Christmas party "Dirty Santa" Gift (instead of bringing an actually naughty gift because that's what we though a dirty Santa gift was initially) .. and then loved it a little more. So of course, I had to give it some love for the month of love.

heart wreath found at Micheal's

And I love my followers so I wanted to share the love by sharing my rolled flower tutorial..

Take a piece of fabric about 2 inches
Fold it in half
Iron it
Tie a knot at the very end
That's the bud of your rosette flower

Roll and twist
Every time you turn your hands twist the fabric
hot glue it to help it hold as you go

When you want to stop twist your fabric down

Flip your flower over and hot glue the hannah out of it
Cover the hot glue with yoru excess fabric

Here is the finished product

Email me if you have any questions. Hopefully this wasn't too much love for you to handle.

Valentines Day Round-Up

I love Valentines Day! There are always the cutest crafts to make and I get an excuse to cover our casa in pink decor ;) Oh and of course, I get to show my main squeeze how much I adore him. Lately I have had a ball making valentines decor and I am so excited to show you all the crafts I have made but first, I wanted to link up all the crafty ladies whose lovely crafts have inspired me...

Lollipops tutorial by the Idea Room

My Creative Departure made a Felt Heart

Our Best Bites made a Felt Rosette Wreath!

Shanty 2 Chic made these Apothecary Jars that you can fill with accordingly to each holiday

Kara's party ideas made Cupcake liner Pom Poms

Infarrantly Creative made this Valentines Day Countdown!

Everyone one of these crafts are on my "to make" list!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

coupon love

I feel so amazing when I walk out of the store getting things for insanely cheap or free! When I get these deals I feel like I am not "just a stay at home home". Being a stay at home mom is amazing and the best job in the world is being "just a stay at home mom". I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom but do find it extremely rewarding to save our family money and hope I can inspire people to do the same.
I love to coupon.

"Super Double" deal 1:
Payed $2.51

"Super Double" deal 2:
Payed $4.87

(yes I bought the same glad spray twice because it was free and I love the smell of it... don't judge.)

New Year... New Pantry

Clint has been out of town all week. It is officially the dreaded "accounting busy season". I will now see my husband very little for the next 3 months. Now this post was actually not to complain about how lame it is when my hubs is gone all the time. I am actually extremely productive when he is out of town. I have a spotless house, work out everyday, and finish projects. So this week I organized the pantry. The baskets were only $1.50 at Walmart and I had extra vinyl from past projects. It is a new year. Go organize something ladies.