Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year... New Pantry

Clint has been out of town all week. It is officially the dreaded "accounting busy season". I will now see my husband very little for the next 3 months. Now this post was actually not to complain about how lame it is when my hubs is gone all the time. I am actually extremely productive when he is out of town. I have a spotless house, work out everyday, and finish projects. So this week I organized the pantry. The baskets were only $1.50 at Walmart and I had extra vinyl from past projects. It is a new year. Go organize something ladies.


Chels said...

I highly dislike busy season too! Oh the life of an accountant's wife huh!?!! Love this though! You are such a great organizer!

Amber Kei said...

Don't like when Ben is out of town, but I completely understand loving getting things done! Yipee!!