Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dungens and Dragons

For Halloween I am going to have Sky be a dragon. Clinton and I are going to be nerds. I am really excited.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Utah,

I most admit I kinda miss you. Charlotte has a lot of trees and those trees hide everything, which is beautiful but not when your trying to find stores. In Utah the grid system makes sense and I am absolutely lost with out it. Literally. Without the mountains I have no clue which way is West or East. I have done more U-turns this past week than double what I had done before. I miss my Utah friends. I don't know anyone here yet. I'm a little lonely. I never considered Utah my home but now that I have left I am home sick. In time I know I will love Charlotte, get my bearings, and will get to know people around me. Until then I will be making lots of U-turn.


P.S. Please keep this on the down low ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the perfect hue

We will be painting our new main room a week from Saturday.

Yes, thats right people we are moving in 4 days! Making our long 3 day drive, 10 hours a day trip this Tuesday the 7th!!! I am getting so nervous. The adventures that will come are completely unknown.. and that's scary and exciting... mostly exciting with some scary mixed in.

Ok. Sorry. My nerves had a little outburst. Back to what I was saying about paint... I picked our colors. They're amazing.

Sunroom: Caribbean Green 500D-7 Behr
-same color as my already purchased pillows

Livingroom (accent wall): Corn Husk Green 400D-4 Behr
-Picture I found on the web using this green.

Kitchen: Flaming Torch UL120-10 Behr

If you could marry dinnerware I would marry this dinnerware. I love you. You will be in my home soon.