Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Utah,

I most admit I kinda miss you. Charlotte has a lot of trees and those trees hide everything, which is beautiful but not when your trying to find stores. In Utah the grid system makes sense and I am absolutely lost with out it. Literally. Without the mountains I have no clue which way is West or East. I have done more U-turns this past week than double what I had done before. I miss my Utah friends. I don't know anyone here yet. I'm a little lonely. I never considered Utah my home but now that I have left I am home sick. In time I know I will love Charlotte, get my bearings, and will get to know people around me. Until then I will be making lots of U-turn.


P.S. Please keep this on the down low ;)


Chels said...

I was the exact same way! Utah has a special place in my heart and I loved the people there. I'm glad to be back on the east coast though! Let us know if you guys are ever in the D.C. area!

The Thomas Family said...

Thanks Chelsea! It's nice to know people feel the same way. We would love to see yall! We have a cousin in D.C. so in the next year or so we are hoping to make a trip up. And, of course, if your every in N.C. let us know :D

Nicole said...

I miss Utah too. ANd my friends.