Monday, October 27, 2008

CONGRATS CLINT we love you

Clint had interviews at BYU with 5 firms, the big 4 and Grant Thornton. After the first round of interviews PWC, Deloitte, and E &Y called him back to go for a second office visit. PWC was initially Clint's favorite firm. This summer Clint also went to two leadership programs for PWC in Chicago and E & Y in Atlanta. Clint loved the Atlanta office for E & Y (really the reason was because one of there clients is coke, ;-) and they have free coke machines on every floor). Last Thursday Clint went to PWC in Charlotte, NC
for his second office visit. It went really well and today PWC contacted Clint offering an internship for next summer!

Of course Clint still wants to go to his other two interviews to explore all his options. Next Thursday Clint will go back to E & Y in Atlanta and then on the tenth he will be going to Raleigh, NC with Deloitte. Wish him luck! We are so proud of him!




Fiscal Year
PricewaterhouseCoopers [1] $28.2bn 146,700 2008
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu [2] $27.4bn 165,000 2008
Ernst & Young [3] $24.5bn 130,000 2008
KPMG [4] $19.8bn 123,000 2007