Friday, March 6, 2009

Utah County Food Co-op!

Growing up my family always loved to make fresh homemade salsa. Now that we are grown up and have our own families we have realized how expensive it can be. To make a large bowl it cost about $20.00.

So when your tight on money buying the produce to make homemade salsa isn't the first thing on your grocery list.

My sister Torrie lives in Texas and has recently joined a Farmers Market co-op. She called me bragging about how much produce she got for the price and how yummy it all was.

Fruits and Vegetables in general are so expensive to buy at the store. I love them and I could eat meat like once a week and just fruits and vegetables the rest of the time.

So my mission is to find a great food co-op in the Utah County area! Can anyone help?
I found a website called The Community Food Co-op of Utah; here is the website
Has anyone ever used it? You have to put your order in by March 13th!
I need your help and take on it before I join!! Or if there is a better one that anyone knows of! It is for the health of my family! ;-)