Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a winner

I never win anything in fact until a couple months ago I have never won anything but now I have won 3 things in the last 6 months!!!!!!!!

1. At Real Deals Ghouls Night Out my entry number was called for a scentsy candle melt!

2. A couple months ago I won 3 letters from this sight
In this font and design (with Rachel's help!)
I just had her do SKY so I would have to pay anything. I put them away as a Christmas present for Skyler. I will take a picture of them once they are hung out!

3. I got an email today and I won this...
It's kinda random but I am excited it will be cute in Skyler's room and a great present to give to Skyler for Christmas!

My bad day just turned good!!! =)

Most of the time I am really unlucky so I love this blog because its a ton of freebies
If you don't follow Collin's blog you have to do it... now!


Rachel Leigh said...

You are a winner! That is awesome!