Friday, January 15, 2010


So I shouldn't be looking for housing. It is a very bad thing to do. I am going to fall in love with a place and guess what... there is nothing I can do about it because all of these places are looking to fill with tenants immediately. We aren't moving until September. I called one of the properties from another place I liked and they said don't even look until a month before we move. Of course I don't listen. These are the two places I have fallen in love with today.



Which one is your favorite? Both of these are available for rent to own. What do y'all think about rent to own? Have any of you done a rent to own before?

Now about the fact I haven't uploaded about anything going on in my life for atleast a month. I uploaded pictures from Christmas time, New Years, sleding, and everything else we have been up to for the past month. I uploaded them all unto my desk top and then we rearranged the apartment and need to have a wireless card for the computer so a cord does not go across the living room. It is being shipped so one day next week you are going to get a forever long post from me with lots of pictures. Be excited.