Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clint got pinched

This morning I forgot it was St. Patty's Day. Luckily I put on my green work out pants! Clint didn't and when I meet him for lunch... I just had to pinch him.

My friend and I went to the mall today. When we were about to leave, one store left to window shop at, Skyler proceeded to through a screaming temper tantrum. For 30 minutes. 30 minutes was the time it took me to get him from one side of the mall to the other and in the car during the screaming, kicking, flinging, trying to escaped out of the stroller, and grabbing the strollers wheel to stop me from moving. It was amazing. But I didn't loose my temper which I am proud of myself about.

Yesterday was beautiful. Today isn't as Sunny but the temperature is just as nice. We have had are windows open for two days. I am dying for Spring to stay and then Summer to come.

Clint, Skyler, and I meet my Mom and Sister for lunch yesterday. My little brother was there too and came up and surprised me. I haven't seen him since November. He lives with my Dad and Step Mom in Texas. It was amazing to see him and a great surprise. Skyler adores Collin. He was following Collin around everywhere he went. Then that night Clint and I were making chocolate chip cookies together and Clint's Brother Chad and his wife Kelly knocked on our door and surprised us. They live in Cedar City and were coming through to go to Kelly's brother's wedding today. Yesterday was the day for surprises.

That's all the rambling I have for today. When I upload pictures off my camera I will show y'all the chocolate thin mint cookie cupcakes I made for Saint Patrick's Day. They were to die for.


Rock and Jennifer Tolman said...

I had to laugh about the st. patty's pinch! I totally would have done the same thing!! you guys are cute :D

Amber Kei said...

Isn't that amazing how they can scream forever long? And then be so cute and sweet again - after you leave, they get a nap, or they get some food. Crazy age! Wanna hear about the cookies! Sounds good!