Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Dying for some Spring weather"

Last Thursday I went to my doctors for my monthly check up. Its always so fun to be able to hear Skyler's heart beat. My doctor told Clint if he puts his ear up to my belly he would be able to hear the baby's heart beat. It works! Clint can hear Skyler loud and clear. The doctor also said that Skyler is looking like he is going to be a big baby! Oh goodness. Hopefully not too big! I also had to do a diabetes test, they always check it at about 28 weeks, the highest they want you to score on the test is 140 and my score was 189! So I have diabetes this pregnancy, the doctor said most likely I won't after Skyler is born but it is just pregnancy diabetes so I have to stay away from sweets. I told the doctor that it was Easter time and what about Cadbury Eggs (they are my favorite) and it looks like I can't eat those either. No fun! I have been pretty proud of myself I really have cut out sweets in my diet... so far. ;-)
All last week Provo was having beautiful weather. Clint and I went walking everyday. Now its back to freezing but I am hoping it won't last long and we will get spring weather again soon. It is really nice to take a hour with no cell phones or distractions and walk with Clint, we are able to just talk and plan things; and it's always way nice to have the exercise!