Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's not Fall with out some Festivales

On Friday night Clint, Skyler, and I went out to dinner with Matt and Marya to Chili's! We definitely dressed up because it was Halloween. If you couldn't tell from them pictures, Skyler was a pea in a pod, Clint was a farmer, and I was a Farmer's wife. We grew Skyler! ;-) Then we went to Clint's Religion Professor's house for a Halloween get together. He lived in a gorgeous neighborhood! We went back to our house and just talked and laughed. The husbands quizzed Marya and I on football and lets just say we know what we are talking about ;-) haha! They left about the same time April and Jack stopped by. April and I left and did a Halloween prank to one of their friends Brett. It was hilarious. The boys just stayed back and watched the Office. We headed to bed right after because I had to work in the morning. Saturday, I worked in the morning. Then I got my hair chopped off! We of course watched the football game, BYU played horrible but still won! It was nice to just spend the day with Clint. We talked about how blessed we know we are about having really great friends, that we know will last a lifetime! Happiness is a choice and "counting your many blessings" will always bring happiness in your life! Right now it is raining outside, with windows open and are just listening to the rain, and here and there some thunder! We miss Southern Thunderstorms!


Stephanie Saunders said...

I agree; rain and thunder are fabulous! Your little pea is adorable!

Angie said...

You guys have been busy! Skylar is so adorable, and such a sweet pea! I love the farmers theme.

Cassidy was the cutest clown ever! I just updated some pictures of her clownin around.

Big Hugs!