Sunday, November 30, 2008

The snowboarding adventure

So for those of you that have considered snowboarding... Don't do it. Of course I was all cocky and was like I can wake board so I bet I will be a pro at snowboarding. hahaha NOT! Lets see... where do we begin, the torn muscle in my knee, the sprained wrist, or riding down the last half of the mountain on my board like a sled! We waited in line to ride the lift and when the said it was Clint and mines turn to get off I was too slow getting off the lift and and the guy had to shove me on! I am scared of heights so that of course wasn't a great start! The lift ended and we get off. Clint is skiing and I am snowboarding I fall over and Clint rolls down the hill, making one of his ski's fly off. Then after about 5 tries I finally get my other foot in the board. I then continue to fall down about 25 times, running into people while I am at it, half way down the mountain. Finally I take my feet out of my binding and sit on the board riding it down the mountain. But wait there it more, my board flies out from under me and go down the mountain. So I walk down the rest of the way. I am tired, hurting, and bruised at this point. We drop off the Board and start or way to the car and if we didn't want to add an explanation mark to our adventure I fall straight on my butt on the ice, spraining my wrist. Clint did end up picking up skiing pretty well. I am determined to get at least skiing down, so I can do a winter sport since water sports are out of the picture for me now. We will both be trying to go skiing during the winter agian. So wish me luck that it won't be as dreadful at the snowboarding experience. At least we can have something to laugh at and always remember!


Amber Kei said...

Oh, Kaley! That sounds like quite the adventure! I hope that you are able to try out skiing soon. Let's see what we can figure out for Twilight. Talk to you soon!