Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

When I blog I usually like to upload pictures to tell my story with. I lost my camera so I haven't been blogging but it's been to long. The last time I wrote was right after thanksgiving so lets see what has been going on since then. Skyler is so dang close to crawling we can't even stand it, he stands on his knees with his arms on the floor, in the crawling position, and rocks back and fourth but can't get the forward thing down. He is sitting up by himself great now. Thanks to our friends Taylor and Chelsey, the babysat Skyler for us when we went to Clint's work dinner and practiced sitting up with him forever. Clint's work party was great we had lots of fun, we played trivia and the first and second place tables got to pick there prices first. We were second so picked a nice rolling desk chair for Clint when we get a desk. The next day I had a girls night out with Marya and Mary we went shopping then had dessert at Chilli's until 11pm which at that point we all were exhausted! Our new ward is fantastic, we love them! We had a ward Christmas party last weekend which Tuscanos catered. After the ward party we hung out with Ryan and Carmen. Ryan and Clint played WII, that was there Christmas present. I wish Clint wanted a WII but he wants and xbox, who knows if thats what he's getting for Christmas ;-) The next day we went over to dinner to a couples house for the ward dinner group that we signed up for. They made homemade tamales!! YUMMY! Then we all went over to another couples house for advent. Every Sunday in the month of December you get together with a bunch of couples sing Christmas music, eat dessert, and drink wassale, (I think thats what it's called, Clint and I had never had it before) and hot coca. We are enjoying the Christmas season so much! Our house is all decorated. We did blue lights and ornaments so it looks like a Cougar tree, hahaha. Only here two more years then the South here we come! No, but it is really cute. It hasn't snowed at all which has been depressing cause I want a white Christmas! But It started Sunday and we have a good amount on the ground now!!! We are done with Christmas shopping finally! So now we are just enjoying the season! Just a note to end the blog with "The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in His Presence" Everyone try and remember that this time of year! I promise I won't go two weeks again with out posting.