Saturday, October 24, 2009

Framed Temple Picture

Hey girls! I really want to do a party where we make this picture or your preferred temple. All the temples the lady brings are also listed below. I think these pictures are so beautiful and I think that most of y'all would enjoy making them because the price is so amazing. Price details below. The lady will come out and teach us as long as we get 10 pictures. So if you are wanting to do more than one let me know that too! You have to pay two weeks in advance so the middle of November. I wanted to know what times also worked for everyone and then we would figure out a day and time that works best for everyone during the first week in December!

P.S. My wonderful husband, Clint, has offered to babysit so if you have kids you have a babysitter!

Here is specific detail about the Picture:
The total size is 26" x 32" - HUGE! Cost for the class is just $46, and includes all of the materials needed to make the project.

A teacher will bring all of the supplies and stay to teach the class. The project can be completed in
2-2 1/2 hours.

Temples: Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Timpanogos, Logan, Idaho Falls, St. George, & Manti.

I am really excited about this and I hope y'all are too! I hope it works out and we can get 10 Pictures!!! Comment if your interested!


Angie said...


What a fun idea! I wish I lived in Utah to be there for your party!!! I would totally do it. Does she do any out of state orders? Or the Mesa Temple?

I hope you get enough takers so you can be able to do this picture.

Love ya!