Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Camping Trip...

Wave runner!


Drinking something refreshing to cool down!

Rachel and I hanging out by the lake talking to Adam!

Our pump!

They're pump!

The most amazing socks ever! Adam thinks they are so sexy!

My tired pumpkin!

My little helper helping the big boys set up the tent!

To wrap up the weekend of camping: we had the most amazing memories, laughed tell we cried, had a huge sleep over with the five of us for two nights in the tent, woke up way to early, had no air mattress cause our air mattress broke, swam in freezing cold water, went out on the wave runner, cooked breakfast in the rain, made the best bacon ever by cooking it like soup, learned the Timpangoes fight song, learned that I make up random songs about everything, learned out how to pronounce KIA (the car brand), and last learned that I am a cabin camper! Thanks for inviting us Rachel and Adam we love y'all!