Sunday, September 6, 2009

Real Soccer Game

Love this picture of my little man and me!

Real Salt Lake Soccer GAME!!! Soccer games are so fun to go to! For our new sister in law Kelly's Birthday Chad threw her a surprise party to the real salt lake game! Props for Chad who got most of Kelly's friends there! I am glad we were able to come too! We went on the 8th I think... I shoudl blog more frequently so I remember the exact days we do things. It was t he first weekend my love was home form N.C.! And OF COURSE REAL WON! It got really cold so pre warning anyone who goes to a soccer game in salt lake, even in the middle of the summer, bring a hoodie! We did get a picture of Skyler and I with the mascout, which is a tiger, but its a really awful picture so I didn't post it. Skyler hated the macout and was screaming because he was scared. It was kind of sad! Hopefully he wont be scared of the COUGAR!


The Wheelers said...

Baby Sky is getting cuter all the time!

The Thomas Family said...

Thanks! I think he does too! ;-)

JnA said...

aww I didn't know you guys liked going to soccer games, I get a discount on tickets through work- I totally would have hooked you guys up!