Friday, September 18, 2009


Two years and the theme is TWO! Clint gave me 4 presents. Every Present was two. A pair of boots, A pair of earrings that match my necklace, two subscriptions to scrapbook magazines: Scrapbooks etc and Creating Keepsakes, a reese penut butter bar that has two reese. He gave me little rittles and I had to guess what the present was.

Kaley, you might be my girl,
vintage is the style your twirl
you might find two on Britney, but just one on K-Fed
These better match, but they're not red!

Kaley, I know you've been in a rut,
your favorite talent has become a chore,
this will give you inspiration 18 times a year,
you know I love you Dear!

Kaley, you know I love you to pieces!
This small gift you can but just one,
buy a pumpkin, egg, or tree,
but usually you can't buy three!

The last one was for my boots but Clint lost it before he could even give it to me to read. So I just have these three riddles. You will have to guess your self which gift went with which riddle.

Now for the day we went hiking in Spanish Fork to the hot springs. We went swiming (in are swimming suits!) and then came home showered and went to Caribba's for dinner. So yummy! It was such a wonderful day! I love you so much Clinton. Thank you for an amazing anniversary. I will start having to plan a year in advance to top off this celebration for next year.

p.s. Do you see the hint of fall in the trees?!