Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uber-Chic for Cheap

Today I was blogging and found this website
It is such a cute website! She will do a cute trendy outfit for under $50! I love it!
And until Sunday you have a chance to win a free shade Drape Front Cardigan. I love the tunic from shade! I think it would be so darling with a belt, skinny's, and brown boots! That is how she wore it! So I think she has the same style as me! Well I really hope I win because I have never one anything ever in life. Pretty lame I know. I usually go on like everyday! So I am finding new sites to try to win new or cheap stuff. This site is by far my favorite so far! Go try and win a free Drape Front Cardigan!


The Thomas Family said...

you can find the button on the left if you scroll down! :-)

JnA said...

you should follow this blog: She does lots of fun giveaways and I even won her friends Scentsy giveaway! And I never win anything.

The Thomas Family said...

thanks love!